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Products (physical, virtual or services) are representation of items that are listed for sale on your store. For example, it could be shoes, downloadable e-book or perhaps a financial service you sell.

Do not think of a product is equal to exactly one physical object you sell. In fact, a product can be a bundle of items or can have many variations (e.g. Black, brown and white shoes can be represented as a single product even though there are 3 physical objects). Understanding that a product is simply a representation of the object(s) for sale will help you sell more because you will optimize your store to display products in tune with your customer's expectation (e.g. Normal customer behavior is to browse for the shoe they like first and then make conscious decision to pick the available colors).

Revindex Storefront is optimized to help you sell more using state-of the art features like SEO best practices, variants, unlimited images, product relationship, attributes, etc. that are only found in top e-commerce Web sites.

Products are managed from the Catalog > Products menu. You can search for an existing product or click Add new to create a new product. Each product can have a custom Display template that changes the look-and-feel of the Product Detail page.


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