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The two customers are very satisfied with Revindex as their webshop! And we (Captise) are very pleased with your quick responses to our questions. Roy de Voogt Captise
Thank you for all the extra work you had to do with me in order to get me pointed in the right direction. We’ve got orders pouring in through the Store and my Board of Directors were really impressed. I couldn’t have done it without you. Melinda W. AAFCO
Finally, I found a shopping cart that just works as advertised! Richard K.
DotNetNuke wouldn't be as useful without a cart like this one. Mylene A.
Your software is great. I can now concentrate on selling. Stan B.
I want to thank the people at Revindex for a great product and prompt support. Matthew D. LongWireless
I continue to recommend my clients use Revindex for their shopping cart needs. :) Kevin M.
thanks for working so hard on making such a great product, I really do love it. I will also be giving you the go ahead next week for the custom development I emailed you about a while back, I will resend the spec. Nathan W.
Thanks for a great shopping cart! I love how it's professionally designed and just works as advertised. It feels complete and the bit of learning curve that comes with the flexibility is well worth it as I managed to make it work for my business and not the other way around. Jackie Nepon
Great product!!  The best I've ever seen for DNN. Chris Ryhal
This is truly a very flexible software package.  Our site's store had some rather complex settings, and the support with this company is OUTSTANDING.  The company's representative (Yeah, Stephen!) was very patient with me and I would recommend this product to anyone needing an e-commerce/store.  We  have had orders pouring in online, and I credit it to the Revindex staff and their software. Linda Siersema
This module is working out well; was a much better option than others of its kind and trial version was true to functionality, gave me a great opportunity to kick the tires (others fell WAY short of this!).  Only thing I wish it had more of was reporting, perhaps future enhancements?  Thanks for a good product so far! Jenny Christensen
Very good and very good support. Rob Rennie
I have really appreciated the flexibility Revindex has given me. I was actually 98% done implementing the "top" eCommerce package when I ran in to several things I could not do that I needed to (in particular, handling local delivery, in store pickup, and shipping). I was unhappy with the response I got from the other vendor's support, and had to go back to the drawing board. Since I had already been burned (having purchased both the license and support package for the other vendor), I downloaded and almost fully implemented every other eCommerce package I could find. Revindex won out. It might not have as many feature boxes checked, but it worked better, and was more flexible. Knowing some XML/XSLT and some ASP.NET certainly helps get the maximum flexibility out of it, but even out of the box it was the easiest to get going and do what I needed to do. Support on the forum's has been prompt and helpful. Of all the packages I tried, I have found this one the best fit. Jamie Clark
The best cart module for DNN.
Many options but really simple to use!
The support service is fast and accurate.
Rodolfo Lagana
Well, this is my second purchase of Revindex and guess what? FLAWLESS! I've used just about every store module available at some point or another and I practically have to call in the entire IT department to be ready to repair the damage.

Not anymore..

Thanks Revindex. Please DO NOT STOP developing. Your software is bullet proof!
Patrick Ryan
The rapid support, excellent forums and rate of updates is enough to make this the best full-featured e-commerce module available for DotNetNuke. Clients love the detailed reporting feature and extensibility of products. You can set up almost any custom rule imaginable for sales tax, shipping, discounts and more. Plus, with 90 days free updates, you're bound to be able to upgrade your version at least once with no extra cost. Revindex Storefront hasn't been out long, but it's already on par with other e-commerce modules that have been around for years. Get the latest version; you won't be disappointed! Matthew Davis
Great product, very robust, not buggy.  Has everything you need to set up an ECommerce store.  Plug it in and start selling.  Customer support is top notch.  I would highly recommend Revindex Storefront. Joseph Jaramillo
This is a really stable and flexible product. It has many powerful features and the support team is very quick to respond on their forums. Easily the best e commerce package that I've found for DNN.  Dan Lucas
Excellent module. Works just as promised. Revindex was very responsive when I had an issue - I needed to update to the latest version which fixed my issue. Roy Clark
In my opinion, Revindex is by far the best module available for DotNetNuke. We are using it to run about 30 ecommerce stores at the moment and we could not be happier. This module is incredibly powerful and easy to use. The support is also absolutely fantastic!

If you are looking for a world class ecommerce solution for your DNN website, I highly recommend Revindex!
Ryan Sletcher
This cart is a great improvement over many others we have tried and the support is timely and helpful.  I would highly recommend this to anyone needing an easy to use but highly configurable cart.  Great job Revindex! Kevin Justice
Full featured for certain. The upgrades have been great and made the module even better than the one I originally purchased! Kris Fay
After trying many Shopping Cart, I found Revindex Storefront to be the more intuitive, flexible and fun to work with.This package make it easy to configure your store and add ANY business rules you may have for your particular needs. The templates to change the shopping cart  interface and the accesible XSL transformation to manage your business rules make it so flexible. The managing interface is also easy to use. Considering you will pass most of your time managing your store and not shopping in it, it's important to feel confortable with it. And the support... AMAZING. These guys work days and nights (yes nights!!!) to find solutions. I have had a problem with my particular installation, and instead of trowing me the ball and serve me the perfect excuse that the problem was not on their side, they help me resolve it and worked hard with me to make things work.Every software can have bugs ( and have it), what is important is a company that stands with is products and customers.

In fact, I did not just find a shopping cart solution, what I found is a partner with whom I know I can build my online store with!!! I can now build my online business with confidence, knowing that , if I got technical problems, I will have a team to work with me to resolve it.
Alain Guerard
Spectacular product...easy to use, add products, and not a mess of headaches to configure.  The support is fantastic...for a pittance, these guys did some nice customization to fix a skin issue...I highly recommend this product! Daniel Panzarella
Tool is very robust! The support team is superb! Excellent choice in both product and especially customer service!!! Robert Lozan
Probably one of the most robust shopping carts available. As many options as you can think of and more... The technical staff is great and gets back to you in a timely manner. Must have if you need a shopping cart solution Clark Langon
Revindex Storefront is an easy to use module, which allows a lot of customization to fit our needs, it's well documented. I'm pleased with value for money of this e-commerce module. Fivos Adamidis
Great module and very intuitive. Excellent support with same day replies back to questions. Mark Roberts
Excellent product. Even better service. The storefront works as advertised - flawless installation, great users manual and behind this professional operation is Stephen. Would highly recommend this product and company. Sourabh Hajela
I highly recommend Revindex!  It’s powerful yet easy to use. I was able to configure an out-of-the-box storefront solution in just a few minutes.  I was also able to customize the storefront for my specific needs, which is what makes this module so powerful. In addition to being a great storefront module, the Revindex support team is very helpful.  They go out of their way to help me and more importantly they respond very quickly. I have worked with many support teams and Revindex is one of the best I’ve experienced. Edwin Petty
I’ve done lots of DNN stores in the past. This is my first RevIndex. You guys are amazing. I love the flexibility of the XSL transforms! Ralph Brenner Committee for Children
Your support has been great, Besides Storefront being a better product your support is critical as well Michael Tyson

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