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How to create overridable price product

Last updated on 2015-06-25 1 mins. to read

An overridable price product is a product that the customer can decide on the price to pay. A good example is a donation or gift certificate product. The customer can decide on how much to donate or how much money to put into the gift certificate. Please note you must first enable the Custom fields feature under Configuration > Product to use this functionality. Follow the steps below to create an overridable price product:

  1. Create a regular product like you normally would do.
  2. Select your product variant
  3. Under custom field tab, select "Basic" for the dynamic form dropdown.
  4. Click Add new
  5. Select Field type to "TextBox".
  6. Give the ID a name like "CustomPrice_TextBox"
  7. Give the Label a name like "Custom price:"
  8. Tick the Required checkbox.
  9. Choose "Decimal" for the Data type.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Under Price tab, set the Modifier rule to "Override price"
  12. Set the Field ID to the exact ID you named above ("CustomPrice_TextBox").
  13. Save the variant.


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