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How to create a voucher product

Last updated on 2021-06-16 2 mins. to read

A voucher, also known as a gift card or gift certificate, can be sold and automatically generated and emailed to your customer. You can sell an unlimited number of vouchers and for different amounts. Please see Vouchers for more information.

  1. You must first enable the Voucher feature under Configuration > General.
  2. Once enabled, create a new voucher definition from the Catalog > Vouchers menu to define properties of a voucher such as start, end dates, initial amounts, whether it is transferable to another user, etc. This definition acts as a template for actual vouchers that will be issued later on in bulk or singularly.
  3. Create a new product under Catalog > Products. Under the Variant tab, set your selling price and optionally set a limited inventory if needed. The selling price does not need to match the actual cost of the voucher. For example, you can sell the product at $25 but give a larger $30 voucher as a promotion.
  4. Edit the details of your variant. Under the variant's Resource tab, select the desired voucher definition to automatically assign when that product is purchased.
  5. You can repeat the steps above and create different voucher amounts to sell (e.g. $25, $50, $100 vouchers) by assigning different variants to different voucher definitions.

Vouchers are like money and need to be treated with extra precaution. You should verify each order for fraud. Once you're satisfied, you can edit the order detail and click the Issue voucher button to generate the voucher for the customer and click the Email voucher receipt button to send an email to the customer with the voucher code attached.

If fraud is not an issue with your type of business, you can configure the Storefront to immediately mark all new incoming orders as "Completed" or either payment status as "Paid" to trigger the automatic voucher generation. Once configured, the customer will automatically receive an email with the generated voucher code after a successful checkout. Please see How to force order and payment status for more information. 

You can customize the email template from the Configuration > Communication settings. The customer can also retrieve and lookup their voucher balance from the Manage Voucher module. Please see Manage Vouchers for more information.



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