Revindex Storefront

How to create a booking product

Revindex Storefront supports booking products. You must first enable the Booking feature under Configuration > Product. Creating a booking product for sale is easy and takes a few minutes. Below are the typical steps:

  1. From the Catalog > Products menu, click on Add new
  2. Give your product a meaningful name and set a price.
  3. On the Booking tab:
    1. Select your Unit type. e.g. if you rent out hotel rooms by the night, select Day.
    2. In the Min/Max order unit, enter the minimum and maximum number of units that can be booked at a time. e.g. If you only want to allow 7 day rentals at a time, you would enter 7 into the Min and Max order unit. (optional)
    3. Decide if there is a Min/Max date to start and end your booking product. (optional)
    4. Exclude any special dates such as holidays (optional).

That's it. You have now created a new booking product ready to sell. You can always go back to edit your product and make changes.


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