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How to create a booking product

Last updated on 2022-05-24 1 mins. to read

Revindex Storefront supports booking products. You must first enable the Booking feature under Configuration > Product. Creating a booking product for sale is easy and takes a few minutes. Below are the typical steps:

  1. From the Catalog > Products menu, click on Add new
  2. Give your product a meaningful name and set a base price.
  3. On the Booking tab:
    1. Select your Unit type. e.g. if you rent out hotel rooms by the night, select Day.
    2. In the Min/Max order unit, enter the minimum and maximum number of units that can be booked at a time. e.g. If you only want to allow 7 day rentals at a time, you would enter 7 into the Min and Max order unit. (optional)
    3. Decide if there is a Min/Max date to start and end your booking product. (optional)
    4. Exclude any special dates such as holidays (optional).
  4. If your price needs to vary by the number of booked time (e.g. Hotel room at $100 per night), you need to set a price modifier rule (select "Custom rule" and choose the "Booking price" template).

That's it. You have now created a new booking product ready to sell. You can always go back to edit your product and make changes.


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