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How to sell on eBay

Last updated on 2021-06-16 3 mins. to read

You can increase your sales by selling on 3rd party channels like eBay. The Storefront makes it easy to publish and manage your products from a central location. 

You must first enable the Channel feature under Configuration > General. Please read Channels for more information.

The following example shows how to list a product on

  1. From the usual Catalog > Products page, select your desired product that you like to list on 3rd party channels.

    If you intend to use real-time shipping providers, make sure your product variant has the proper physical dimensions configured (width, height, depth, weight) as it may be used by eBay to calculate shipping cost.

    By default, the Storefront will use your detailed gallery images (largest images) to publish to eBay. Please note eBay has its own picture requirements so you may need to configure your Storefront products to adhere to these requirements first before publishing.

  2. Under the Channels tab, click on Add new.
  3. Select the desired provider (e.g. eBay U.S) and fill all the required information. Make sure to read the tooltip next to each field for more information on the different requirements subjected by the provider.

  4. Make sure to select at least one category and no more than two categories. You must also specify a variant. If you have multiple variants, you must list them separately by repeating the steps above for each variant. Enter the quantity you have for sale. Please note inventory information is currently not synced back between the Storefront and eBay.
  5. You must have at least one domestic shipping. Click on Add new to add a shipping method. Select the desired shipping service and click OK. All your shipping services must be using the same rate type (calculated or flat rate, but not mixed). eBay allows up to 3 shipping services per rate type.
  6. Select the payment methods you will accept for this product listing.

    If you intend to offer PayPal, please ensure you have configured your PayPal email address under Configuration > Payment for PayPal Website Payments Standard.

    Click on the edit icon to enter your PayPal email address. Please note you can ignore the other fields and leave blank if your own site doesn't offer PayPal, but you only offer it for eBay customers. For eBay purposes, only your email address is required.

  7. Click Save. Congratulations! Your listing is now published on eBay.


You can always update your listing as long as it's active on eBay. Once a product has sold or a bid has been placed for an auction, or the Start Date has passed, eBay normally does not allow updating the listing. Please verify your Event Viewer if you have any errors saving your channel products.


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