Revindex Reseller Program



The Revindex reseller program is intended for qualified individuals interested to resell certain Revindex products at discounted price to earn a profit. To qualify as a reseller, you need to demonstrate your ability to sell multiple Revindex products per year. Resellers are entitled to generous discount on products purchased through your reseller account:

10% discount: 3 - 19 products sold per year.
20% discount: 20+ products sold per year.

To join, please open a sales support ticket and indicate your interest to become a reseller. We approve users on a case by case basis based on historical relationship, sales activity, etc. 

*We reserve the right to approve, reject, change or revoke any reseller membership. Some products may be excluded from discount such as Generic skin, RapidSSL, Priority Support and JMA QuickBooks Connex.

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