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How to create a configurable price product

Last updated on 2019-03-05 3 mins. to read

A configurable price product is a product where the price varies depending on the features chosen by the customer. There are several ways to create configurable products using bundled products or custom fields with price modifier. Bundled products are more powerful and allows you to track inventory for each part included in the configurable product. Custom fields are simpler but does not track inventory for the individual parts. Please see Bundled products and Custom fields for more information.

Using bundled product

You must first enable the Bundled product feature under Configuration > Product to use this functionality.

  1. Start by creating all your available parts as regular products like you normally would do (e.g create a Hard Drive storage product with several variants for 100GB, 200GB, 300GB). Make sure to assign a base price for each variant (e.g. $10 for 100GB, $20 for 200GB hard drive).
  2. Now create a regular product like you normally would do for your main product.
  3. Under the Variant tab, click on Edit details
  4. Under the Component tab, click Add new to create a new component.
  5. Give your component a name (e.g. Storage) and select the Type to "Multiple selection". Click Save.
  6. Click Add New to add a new part for the newly created component.
  7. Select the product you created earlier to associate to this part (e.g. 100GB hard drive). Click Save & Return.
  8. Repeat step 6 for as many parts you need (e.g. 200GB, 300GB hard drives).
  9. Repeat the steps above if you have more than one type of component in your configurable product (e.g. Memory, Software, etc.)


Using custom fields and price modifier

You must first enable the Custom fields feature under Configuration > Product to use this functionality. Follow the steps below to create a configurable price product:

  1. Create a regular product like you normally would do.
  2. Under the custom field tab, select "Basic" for the dynamic form dropdown.
  3. Click Add new
  4. Select Field type such as "DropDownList".
  5. Give the ID a name like "Custom_Storage_DropDownList"
  6. Give the Label a name like "Storage:"
  7. Add the available choices to the List items selection (e.g. 100GB, 200GB, 300GB). You must enter both the name and value (e.g. Name = 100GB, Value = 100). The value is the actual text that will be matched to adjust the price.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Repeat the steps above if you have more than one custom field.
  10. Click Save.
  11. In your variant, under Price tab, set the Modifier rule to "Configurable price".
  12. Click Add new.
  13. Set the Field ID to the exact ID you named above ("Custom_Storage_DropDownList").
  14. Set the Operator to "Equal" and the Operand to one of the values (e.g. "100"). If your custom field is a CheckBox type (not a CheckBoxList type) without value, set the Operand to "true".
  15. Set the price adjustment for that selected value.
  16. Repeat the steps above for each available selection that you want to adjust the price.
  17. Save the variant.


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