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How to create a recurring product

Revindex Storefront supports recurring products, also known as a subscription. The system will automatically create a new order for the customer when the recurring period has elapsed. You must first enable the Recurring orders feature under Configuration > General. Creating a recurring product for sale is easy and takes a few minutes. Below are the typical steps:

  1. From the Catalog > Products menu, click on Add new
  2. On the General tab, give your product a meaningful name.
  3. On the Description tab, enter the description for your product.
  4. On the Display tab, select the categories this product should be associated with.
  5. Click on Save. Your initial product is now created with a default variant.
  6. On the Gallery tab, add some images to depict your product.
  7. On the Variant tab, select the default variant:
    1. On the General tab, give it a name or leave blank. Enter the SKU for this product if you have one. You may fill up the other information about this variant such as manufacturer, inventory, etc.
    2. On the Price tab, enter the base price for this product. Assign the variant to a Tax class if it is taxable.
    3. Set a non-zero number for the Recurring value and the desired recurring interval.
    4. On the Shipping tab, check the Require shipping checkbox if this product needs shipping.
    5. On the Dimension tab, enter the weight and dimension of your variant to be used for shipping calculation. The values should include any packaging.
That's it. You have now created a new recurring product ready to sell. You can always go back to edit your product and make changes.


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