Revindex Storefront

Multi-seller marketplace

Last updated on 2023-08-22 2 mins. to read

Revindex Storefront can help your business earn more money with little effort. You can turn your amazing store into a full-fledge marketplace that consists of your own products you already sell and new products from 3rd party sellers. For example, you can sell products that will drop ship directly from other vendors. There are literally hundreds of thousands of products from thousands of drop shippers ready to post their products on your site for sale.

Customers are happy to shop at your site with your newly extended catalog and will be able to purchase any combination of your products in a single checkout. Your shop will process the payment and you will in turn distribute the money to your sellers after deducting any commission you take.

Your sellers are happy to have sold their products quickly through your site. They will have access to self-manage their own warehouses, products, inventory and prices on your site so you don't have to do the grunt work. They will receive the same email confirmations as you do when a checkout completes and can view the order information through the same familiar Storefront interface that you use except they can only view information pertinent to them and not information from other sellers or from your side of business. Just as you would optimize your business operations, your sellers can define their own packing, shipping, handling and fulfillment methods to optimize their micro-business operation within your store. They will also be able to define their own tax methods so that their products sold on your site respect their tax jurisdiction since these products originate from their business location or their warehouses (e.g. you operate a store in California, but your seller ships products out from Ohio. You are legally required to collect tax based on Ohio tax rate since the sale of the product falls under the Ohio tax jurisdiction, which is an origin-based tax collection state).


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