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1 Replies and 8948 Views Browser sessions are being maintained after browser restart  8948  1 Started by  Andrew De Mos Hi there, Is it expected behaviour when using Revindex Impersonator that browser sessions are maintained after a browser restart Andrew de Mos
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by  Steve LJump to last post
14 Feb 2019 03:45 PM
1 Replies and 10086 Views Deep-linking?  10086  1 Started by  Walter Boyd I'd like to generate a report that includes a deep-link which would take the admin to DNN and automatically impersonate a particular user. I'm guessing this isn't supported as I find no mention in the docs. But, fee to ask...any chance this is possible Thanks, Walter
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by  Steve LJump to last post
16 Nov 2018 03:04 PM
1 Replies and 11168 Views Impersonate using other DNN User Profile Fields  11168  1 Started by  Andrew de Mos Hi there! I'm wondering if it is possible to configure Revindex Impersonator to use other DNN User Profile fields (other than Username, Email, First Name, or Last Name). Would we be able to add to the 'field' drop list Please advise, and thanks! Andrew de Mos
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by  J TJump to last post
01 Sep 2017 12:56 PM
1 Replies and 8438 Views Impersonator Crash  8438  1 Started by  Mike Coyne The RevIndex Impersonator crashed on us. Here is the message on the page: Error: RevindexImpersonator is currently unavailable. DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.ModuleLoadException: Unknown server tag 'dnn2:DnnComboBox'. ---> System.Web.HttpParseException: Unknown server tag 'dnn2:DnnComboBox'. ---> System.Web.HttpParseException: Unknown server tag 'dnn2:DnnComboBox'. ---> System.Web.HttpException: Unknown server tag 'dnn2:DnnComboBox'. at System.Web.UI.TagPrefixTagNameTo...
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by  J TJump to last post
10 May 2016 01:39 PM
1 Replies and 10164 Views Does this product record when someone impersonates?  10164  1 Started by  Steve Sukanek Looking at purchasing this for a DNN site that is already using Storefront. If my admin impersonates someone, is there a way to tell - either by comparing a log or direct integration with Storefront - that they added items to the cart (or checked out) for a user while impersonating them We want to be able to allow admins to assist users with ordering, or have orders called in to an admin appear in the user's history, but want to be able to differentiate self-service from assisted orders in ca...
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by  Steve LJump to last post
01 Sep 2014 11:14 AM
4 Replies and 12234 Views How does it do the login?  12234  4 Started by  David Loofbourrow Just installed 2.0 for first time user. I pick a user, and click 'Impersonate' button, and it takes me to login screen. The login form is blank. I am GUESSING that it should have the fields filled in, ready to click 'login' button We have to use a 3rd party login module (Dynamic Login) because the client needs the role-specific redirect features it supplies. IS THERE SOME WAY WE CAN USE Impersonator I realize that you might not be able to interface with every product out there. But is there...
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by  David LoofbourrowJump to last post
03 Apr 2014 11:33 PM
2 Replies and 9574 Views Suggestion / Bug Fix  9574  2 Started by  Dan Lucas Hey guys, This product is great, but the feedback we get from our sales staff that use it is that if they don't click 'Impersonate' and instead just press 'Enter', if they have admin rights on the module then it bring up the module settings page instead of impersonating the user. Could the impersonate user button be set as the default button to stop this from happening
2 9574
by  Steve LJump to last post
29 Mar 2013 12:10 AM
6 Replies and 15417 Views After clicking impersonate it asks you to log in.  15417  6 Started by  Dan Lucas Hi guys, I've been using the impersonator module for a couple of months now and it's great. However we have a hosted server on rackspace, I've just up-sized our server and now the impersonator module won't work. We have a 1 domain license. It did work perfectly but now when we click impersonate it just redirects to the login page. I've tried removing the license and re-adding it, but we get the same problem. There are no errors in the error log. EDIT: I also tried un-installing the module co...
6 15417
by  Steve LJump to last post
08 Jan 2013 01:40 AM
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