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A right is a secret code (license key, serial number, password, etc.) that is usually used to unlock access to a virtual product that you can issue from your Storefront. Please see Rights for more information on how to create different types of rights. 

You must first enable the Rights feature under Configuration > General settings. Once enabled, you can access the Sales > Rights menu to view, modify or issue new rights based on the right definitions you previously created. Unassigned rights stored here are ready to be issued to a new customer when they purchase your product. Customer will receive an email with their codes and can view their rights from the Manage Right module. Please see Manage Rights for more information.

For security purposes, access rights are only issued once the order is marked as "Paid" or "Completed". You can also search for rights that have already been issued.

To create multiple rights in bulk, you may import then into the Storefront. Please see Import and Export for more information.


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