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A voucher is a special form of payment method carrying a predefined monetary value that you can issue from your Storefront. It can only be used to redeem for purchases made on your site using a special code that the customer is required to enter. Common examples include gift cards, gift certificates, store credits, etc.

You must first enable the Voucher feature under Configuration > General. Once enabled, you can access the Sales > Vouchers menu to view, modify or issue new vouchers based on the voucher definitions you previously created. Please see Vouchers for more information. Each voucher carries a unique code that cannot be changed once issued. A voucher also has a running balance that will decrement when being used by the customer to purchase a product. Any monetary changes to the voucher by the store operator or by the customer making a purchase will be recorded under its history tab.

Only vouchers with an Active status can be used for checkout. Since vouchers are usually printed to a physical medium and given away (e.g. gift card, gift certificate), it is recommended that you do not delete a voucher as it becomes unrecoverable. Instead, set its status to Cancelled, Hold or Inactive to prevent usage. For security purposes, the voucher codes are strongly encrypted in the database to protect against hackers compromising your data and invalidating your customer voucher codes that have been issued. Voucher codes should be kept safely from unauthorized access on a need to know basis.

If you sell vouchers online, you need to pay special attention because vouchers are like real money. For security reasons, the system will not generate the voucher automatically after checkout unless if you configured the Storefront to automatically mark your order as Completed or Paid. Otherwise, it's expected that you intend to review the order and payment first and you will manually issue the voucher from the sales order detail screen.

To create multiple vouchers in bulk, simply enter the desired quantity after clicking on the Add new button prior to saving.


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