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A voucher is a special form of payment method carrying a predefined monetary value that you can issue from your Storefront. It can only be used to redeem for purchases made on your site using a special code that the customer is required to enter. Common examples include gift cards, gift certificates, store credits, etc.

You must first enable the Voucher feature under Configuration > General. Once enabled, you can create a voucher definition from the Catalog > Vouchers menu to define properties of a voucher such as start, end dates, initial amounts, whether it is transferable to another user, etc. This definition acts as a template for actual vouchers that will be issued later on in bulk or singularly.

A transferable voucher will allow it to be used by anyone who has knowledge of the code and not just by the owner of the voucher.

Only voucher definitions with an Active status can be used for checkout. Since vouchers are usually printed to a physical medium and given away (e.g. gift card), it is recommended that you do not delete a voucher definition as it will also delete all issued vouchers belonging to this voucher definition. Instead, mark the voucher defintion as inactive to prevent being used.

Once you have defined your voucher. You can associate your product variant to automatically generate a new voucher of this type when a customer purchases the product. Issues vouchers appear under the Sales > Vouchers menu. Please see Vouchers for more information on issued vouchers.


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