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Last updated on 2023-08-22 1 mins. to read

Revindex Storefront provides a powerful Application Programming Interface (API) that allows you to query, insert, update or delete almost any object in your store programmatically including categories, products, gallery images, distributor, manufacturer, coupons, sales orders, etc.. You may use the API to create specialized screens for your end users, synchronize data between servers or portals or perhaps to export data into your own internal reporting system.

The API is provided in the form of a REST Web service and is therefore easily accessible from any location as long as your network and permissions permit it. Since it follows the REST architecture, which primarily uses the familiar XML/JSON over HTTP, it is also incredibly simple to use by any programming languages such as C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, VB.NET or even plain HTML.

Please note you must first enable the API feature under Configuration > General to access this functionality.

Our goal is to provide a stable platform for the API. Although infrequent, the API specifications may still change over time to reflect new feature additions or fixes. It is your responsibility to test and ensure your applications adapt and follow the latest specifications. If you're using the API, we strongly recommend that you perform internal testing on a development or staging machine after every Storefront upgrades to ensure it is working correctly before upgrading on production.

We recommend that you take a full backup before using any API service.


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