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String Tokens

Last updated on 2023-08-22 1 mins. to read

Tokens are simple text replacement allowing you to dynamically display additional content in many text or HTML areas. For example, you can use the token "[User:DisplayName]" to personalize the product page by displaying the current user's name or simply showing the date and time using the "[Date:Now]" token. You can even format the returned value by piping the value to a string formatter like "[User:Displayname|Hello {0}]" or "[Date:Now|dd.MM.yyyy]".

By default, the Storefront supports many default DNN standard tokens. In addition, if available, the Storefront can use DNNSharp MyTokens to create very powerful conditional tokens that can query deep information within your database and elsewhere.

Revindex Storefront supports token replacement within HTML content for several key places such as product, category, manufacturer and distributor descriptions, as well as within communication templates. To use token replacement, you must enable the Replace tokens feature under Configuration > General settings first.


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