Revindex Storefront

Quick start settings

Your shopping cart is pre-configured with default values suitable for most businesses. In most cases, you only need to configure the Quick Setup Wizard to start selling.


  1. Tell us about your business and what features you like to enable?
    • Configuration > General
      Enter your store details. Enable only the advanced features you need.
  2. How do you collect taxes?
    • Configuration > Taxes
      Configure any tax rules that you need to collect.

  3. How do you collect payment?

    • Configuration > Payment
      Configure the payment methods you want to offer (credit card, PayPal, check, etc.).
  4. What are the products you want to sell?
    • Catalog > Categories
      Optionally, define the categories to group your products.
    • Catalog > Products
      Add products to sell. Each product has a default variant where you will set your price, inventory and assign the tax class you created. You can have multiple variants (e.g. sell a black and brown variation of the same shoe).


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