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How to install

Make sure to perform a complete backup of your system before starting the installation. Follow the steps outlined below to install the software.

  1. Go to Settings > Extensions

  2. Click on Install Extension

  3. Click on Upload a File and select the package. Follow the install wizard instruction and complete your installation.

  4. This step is optional but highly recommended. Repeat step 1 above and install the theme. This is a special purpose built skin that will optimize the Storefront Administration page making it easier to use in full screen. You may skip this step or install this theme at a later time.
  5. Now that you have installed the software on your system, you can go to your persona bar Manage > Storefront page.

    Note: If you don't see this page because you're installing an older version of the software, you can manually create it from the Content > Pages. Click Add Page and give your page a name (e.g. "Storefront"). We recommend setting the Parent Page dropdown to "Admin" to neatly organize your pages, but feel free to choose any location. Once the page is created, click Add Module. Select the main Storefront Administration module and drag it to your page.
  6. If you installed the optional Revindex Standard theme package in the previous step, you will want to set the appearance of this page to utilize that theme. Click the edit icon and go to the Page Settings.

    In the Appearance section under the Advanced tab, set this page to use the RevindexStandard theme. Please note you should not apply this theme throughout your site, but only to this page.

  7. Click Close to exit the page edit mode.

    You will be greeted with the installation wizard. The Storefront is composed of multiple module controls that should reside on different pages to enable a rich shopping cart experience. Click Add selected modules to automatically add the desired module controls to the recommended pages. You can always rename the pages, move the module controls to other pages or delete the non-required module controls afterwards. If you prefer to manually add modules later, you can cancel the install wizard.



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