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It is possible for an order to have more than one payment. For example, a customer may pay a partial amount in credit card and the remaining amount in check. The Payments tab keeps track of all payment transactions types including purchases and refunds. Credit card payments are always processed through your configured payment gateway. You can create a new payment transaction by clicking on Add new.

You can bypass the payment gateway by issuing manual transaction using any of the buttons marked as “Manual”. For example, you may use your virtual terminal to charge or refund amount to the customer’s credit card instead of the payment gateway and yet keep track of all the payment information in your store.


Transaction Type



Request for payment. Usually for invoices and PayPal payment requests.


Payment is reserved but has not yet settled or withdrawn. Most credit card gateways will automatically cancel authorization if a capture is not performed within 24 to 48 hours.

You must perform a Capture transaction to actually withdraw the money that you reserved.

To cancel an authorization, you must perform a Void transaction.


Previously authorized payment has settled. To cancel a Capture transaction, you must perform a Refund transaction.


Payment is settled and withdrawn. To cancel a purchase, you must perform a Refund transaction.


Payment is cancelled for an authorization transaction.


Previously settled payment has been refunded.


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