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How to refund payment

Last updated on 2016-08-23 1 mins. to read

Occasionally, you may need to refund the full or partial amount to your customer from a previous transaction. If your payment gateway supports refunding, you can perform this task from the Storefront Administration module, otherwise you will need to perform the refund from your own merchant virtual terminal. 

To refund a payment, go to the Storefront administration's Sales > Orders screen. Select the desired sales order. Under the Payment tab, look for the "Purchased" or "Captured" transaction entry. Only these transaction types can be refunded. Click on the record to edit the payment. If this is a partial refund, modify the dollar amount to refund (e.g. enter 10.00 to refund $10.00) or leave the default value to refund the full amount. Click on the Refund button. If the refund is successful, a new payment record will be created to indicate the refund transaction and the new sales order's balance due will be recalculated.

Please note the Manual refund button does not actually refund any money but merely records the transaction in your Storefront for your own historical keeping. You must refund through your own merchant virtual terminal.


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