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Order, Payment & Shipping Status

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The order, payment and shipping status drive the Storefront operations workflow and reports. For example, downloadable product is only made available to customers for download when the order is marked as “Paid”. Sales reporting numbers in the Dashboard are determined based on the status of the orders. In practice, individual businesses may interpret the status differently within the context of their operation. See Shopping Cart Flow for more information on how the different statuses work in different order-to-cash scenarios. Also read How to force order and payment status to tell the system how you want it to automatically handle your order statuses after each checkout.

Order Status Description
Incomplete An open order that has not yet completed checkout.
Pending Order is created but is awaiting for a resource or action from merchant or customer. E.g. The merchant suspects the order is missing information and is awaiting confirmation from the customer.
Quoted Order is a quote request and order amounts are not yet final. Merchant should finalize quote.
Preordered Order is created earlier before its actual required date. This status is useful for pre-ordering products or generating invoices ahead of time to bill the customer.
Ordered Order received but not yet verified. Order still needs to be processed.
Processing Order is currently being processed.
Completed Order is paid and shipped.
Cancelled Order has been cancelled usually requested by customer.
Declined Merchant declined to process the order for any reason (e.g. fraud, business error, etc.)


Payment Status Description
Incomplete Payment is not yet received.
Pending Payment is received but not yet verified.
Paid Payment is settled and verified.
Cancelled Payment is cancelled.
Refunded Payment is refunded.
Declined Payment is declined by the payment processor.


Shipping Status Description
Not Required No shipping is required.
Not Shipped Shipping is required but has not yet been shipped.
Packing Products are being packed.
Packed Products have been packed but not yet shipped.
Dispatching Packages are sent off for shipping.
Shipped Products shipped.
Undeliverable Products failed to ship.



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