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Merchant cancels bad order

Last updated on 2020-04-30 1 mins. to read

The following steps below are typical of how the store operates. Every business is different and your own steps may vary. You can also automate many of these tasks by using the action rules to automatically change statuses immediately after checkout. Please see How to force order and payment status for more information.

  1. Merchant reviews order and updates progress.

    Order Status = Processing
  2. If payment failed or money is never received, the merchant cancels payment.

    Payment Status = Cancelled 

    If payment is received, you want to select that payment and perform a refund. Please see How to refund payment for more information.

    Payment Status = Refunded
  3. Mark shipping status

    Shipping Status = Not Required
  4. Merchant increments product/coupon inventory and undo any custom action (e.g. revoke security role, etc.). You should also revoke any issued voucher or rights.
  5. Merchant closes order.

    Order Status = Cancelled/Declined


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