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How to localize XSL email template

Last updated on 2017-03-07 1 mins. to read

Customer can receive email receipts in their preferred language and currency in the same way they would expect when shopping at your Web site. Email templates can be localized in the same way as any text fields.

To localize the email templates, simply select the desired country flag from your page and translate the email templates in the Configuration > Communication menu. If you don't provide a translation, the customer will receive the fallback email template.

To format numbers in your culture, you may want to modify how numbers are being grouped and how decimals are being displayed (e.g. in French, a decimal point uses a comma). The decimal-format instruction tells the system how to handle number formatting. You simply need to place this near the top of the template once.

{xsl:decimal-format decimal-separator="." grouping-separator="," /}




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