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Content Localization

Content localization is for data driven text such as the product name or product description (e.g. “DVD Player” in French is shown as “Lecture DVD”). Revindex Storefront supports content localization for virtually any customer visible data driven text including category names, product attributes, image gallery, alternate text, SEO keywords, etc..

Starting DNN 5.5 and above supports page content localization. You must first enable content localization under Host > Host Settings page under the Other Settings tab. 

The rest of the language management is performed under the usual  Admin > Languages page. From there, you can add your new language(s).

Adding a new language will allow you to select the page’s language (or country flag) to set the edit mode in the desired language. As you edit any text fields, it will automatically save the text in that selected language.

Internally, DNN implements content localization by making copies of the page along with copies of all the module controls (also known as “detaching” a module) on the page. In practice, it allows the editor to make text changes for different languages since you now have a duplicate page for every language enabled. Since Revindex Storefront handles its own internal content localization, there is no need to duplicate the module controls. Therefore, you need to configure your page settings to keep all the Revindex Storefront modules in “attached” mode (i.e. not “detached”). From that same page settings, you can now localize the text for each of the enabled languages.


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