Revindex Storefront


Last updated on 2016-04-01 1 mins. to read
  • DNN 8+ (Older version 5.0+, 6.1+, 7.2+ is also available)

Revindex Storefront also supports large Web farm installation (running across multiple servers) allowing you to scale to millions of customers. Please see Web farm for more information.

Your hosting provider determines what your Web site can do by enforcing different ASP.NET trust levels (Low, Medium, High, Full). For example, the default Medium Trust with a restricted WebPermission will not allow your Web site to communicate with external services such as FedEx. Similarly, a restricted ReflectionPermission will limit your ability to clone products, handle payment notification, etc.. Fortunately, most shared hosting providers will allow a modified Medium Trust or higher (with unrestricted ReflectionPermission, WebPermission) and is sufficient for Revindex Storefront to operate almost fully. We recommend that you ask your hosting provider the trust level and perform your own testing to determine what functionality is allowed. You can also look at your Host > Host settings page for the Permissions value to see if ReflectionPermission and WebPermission are allowed.


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