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How to bulk update product keys

Last updated on 2016-12-29 2 mins. to read

Product keys are useful keywords to help match products in a CSV file for import and export purposes. If you never assigned sensible product keys during product creation, the system will have generated one for you using a random GUID value. You can follow the steps below to bulk assign a more sensible value that will become helpful for other future import operations. The following example shows how to bulk update your product keys. Make sure you read the Overview first to understand how it works. Please refer to Product for full column specifications.

Enable the Show object key feature under the Configuration > General settings. Enabling this feature will make the product key appear in your catalog screens. If you don't have many products, you can edit the product key from the catalog screens individually instead of performing the bulk update below.

  1. Make sure to take a full backup before performing any bulk operation.
  2. Under Catalog > Products, click on Export. Choose Export from = "Product" and click Export to download the CSV file. Open the CSV file in your favorite spreadsheet program.
  3. For every row, set the Act column value to "u" to indicate update action.
  4. Copy the Name value and paste to the ProductKey column row for row. You need to make sure each ProductKey value is unique in your system. If you have any duplicates, you can simply append a number (e.g. "Brown shoe 18") to make it unique. Save your file.
  5. Under Catalog > Products, click on Import. Choose Export to = "Product", choose your file and click Import.


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