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Member Type Description
AllowInternetOrder Boolean Allow purchase online.
AllowPhoneOrder Boolean Allow purchase by phone.
AllowProductReview Boolean Allow customers to post reviews and ratings.
AllowSalesChannel Boolean Allow automatic publishing of product to configured sales channels (e.g. Facebook).
AverageOverallRating Double  
BuyingGuide String Buying guide text.
BuyingGuideName String Override default name for the buying guide description.
CreateDate DateTime  
DefaultDisplayGallery GalleryModel Default display gallery associated with this product.
DefaultProductVariant ProductVariantModel Default product variant.
DefaultThumbnailGallery GalleryModel Default thumbnail gallery associated with this product.
DisplayOrder Integer Product sort order from smallest to largest number.
DynamicFormCode DynamicFormCodeModel Custom HTML or input form elements.
Extension XElement  
ExternalID String Used to track data that may be sourced from an external system.
FAQ String FAQ text.
FAQName String Override default name for the FAQ description.
Featured Boolean Indicate if product is “featured” and should be displayed on product list module control even if no category is selected.
FormattedMaxCombinedSellingPrice String Formatted max combined selling price.
FormattedMinCombinedSellingPrice String Formatted min combined selling price.
Galleries List<GalleryModel> Gallery images belonging to this product.
HasVariantGroupAssociation Boolean  
IsFavorite Boolean  
IsFiltered Boolean  
MaxCombinedSellingPrice Decimal Max combined selling price.
MaxCombinedSellingPriceWithTax Decimal Max combined selling price with tax included.
MetaDescription String Meta description.
MetaKeywords String Meta keywords.
MinCombinedSellingPrice Decimal Min combined selling price.
MinCombinedSellingPriceWithTax Decimal Min combined selling price with tax included.
Name String Product name.
Overview String Overview text.
OverviewName String Override default name for the overview description.
PageTitle String Page title.
ProductAttributes List<ProductAttributeModel> Product attributes associated with this product.
ProductDetail ProductDetailModel  
ProductID Integer Database object identifier.
ProductReviews List<ProductReviewModel> Product reviews associated with this product.
ProductVariantGroups List<ProductVariantGroupModel>  
ProductVariants List<ProductVariantModel> Available product variants associated with this product.
ProductType Integer Regular = 1
Published Boolean Enable display of the product.
Seller SellerModel  
ShowAddToCart Boolean  
ShowAddToWishList Boolean  
ShowBuyNow Boolean  
ShowInventory Boolean  
ShowMSRP Boolean  
ShowPrice Boolean  
ShowProductReviews Boolean  
ShowQuantity Boolean  
ShowRewardPoints Boolean  
ShowSavings Boolean  
ShowSeeDetails Boolean  
ShowSKU Boolean  
ShowSocialShare Boolean  
ShowUpdate Boolean  
Specifications String Specifications text.
SpecificationsName String Override default name for the specifications description.
StartDate DateTime? When to start publishing product.
StopDate DateTime? When to stop publishing product.
Summary String Summary text.
Terms String Terms text.
TermsName String Override default name for the terms description.
UpdateDate DateTime  



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