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Member Type Description
Cart CartModel  
Category CategoryModel The current selected category.
Checkout CheckoutModel  
Distributor DistributorModel The current selected distributor.
DistributorFilterable Boolean  
DistributorID Integer? The currently selected distributor database object identifier.
Distributors List<DistributorModel>  
FilteredProducts List<ProductModel> Current available products with product filtering applied.
Manufacturer ManufacturerModel The current selected manufacturer.
ManufacturerFilterable Boolean  
ManufacturerID Integer? The currently selected manufacturer database object identifier.
Manufacturers List<ManufacturerModel>  
PagedFilteredProducts List<ProductModel> Current available products with product filtering and paging applied.
Pager PagerModel Paging for products.
PageViewDisplayOrder ProductListPageViewDisplayOrderType  
PageViewMode String The current selected page view mode.
PageViewSize Integer Number of products to display per page.
PriceFilterable Boolean  
PriceStepSize Decimal  
ProductAttributeDefinitions List<ProductAttributeDefinitionModel>  
ProductAttributeGroups List<ProductAttributeGroupModel>  
ProductAttributes List<ProductAttributeModel>  
ProductComparison ProductComparisonModel  
ProductFilter ProductFilterModel  
Products List<ProductModel> Current available products.
SearchQuery String The current search query.
SellerFilterable Boolean  
SellerID Integer? The currently selected seller database object identifier.
Sellers List<SellerModel>  
ShowAddToFavorite Boolean  
ShowFilter Boolean  
ShowSearch Boolean  
ShowSubCategory Boolean  
SubCategories List<CategoryModel> Categories associated to the current product list view.


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