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The Checkout module control performs the checkout process. This module should reside on a SSL secured page visible to all users. To change the look-and-feel using a custom display template, set the Display template value from the Configuration > Checkout menu.

The checkout process is a step wizard. The first step is collecting customer billing and shipping information. The customer can select an existing address from his address book for quick fill. At this time, the customer can also apply coupons if applicable.

You can add dynamic fields to collect additional information by providing your HTML/ASP.NET code using the Dynamic form from the Configuration > Checkout menu.


The 2nd step allows the customer to review the total charge before placing the order or go back to the previous screen to correct information.


If the order processed successfully, the customer will be redirected to the confirmation page, otherwise an error message will be presented to the customer allowing him to make adjustments and retry.


David Nov 10, 2016 11:31 PM
My customer called and said the site would not accept her Credit card  information.
when she  tried three times and it kept giving her an error: Payment declined please try a different Card.  I know it is not my credit card handling company ( paypal) because it never makes it to them.  So the Checkout module is rejecting the payment.  It shows the order as abandoned on the site with all her information  but she swears she entered it correctly .  
How do I determine what caused this problem?
Stephen Lim Nov 15, 2016 4:48 PM
Hi David

Please take a look at the details of your credit card errors are logged in the Admin > Event Viewer page.

p.s in the future, for questions like this one, you'll get a faster answer if you post on our community forum.


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