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Last updated on 2015-06-25 1 mins. to read

You can automatically grant or revoke security roles to customer on checkout, send email, increment/decrement inventory, update data or make a Web request to an external service. This feature is useful if you need to allow access to certain pages on your Web site after the customer paid or you have custom logic that needs to run.

You must first enable the Checkout feature under Configuration > General. Once enabled, you can configure your action rules under Configuration > Checkout menu.

You can only grant security roles that are allowed under the Configuration > Security menu settings. This security feature prevents staff operators from creating product action rules to grant themselves higher level roles (e.g. “Administrators” role).


The Place order action rule can also use XSL transform to determine what complex action rules to run. The Storefront comes with several pre-defined rules that you can simply modify the values without needing to know XSL.  To learn more about XSL, please see the XSL Transform section.




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