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You must first enable the Checkout feature under Configuration > General to access this functionality. You can enable anonymous checkout mode to speed up the checkout process for customers by selecting the Enable guest checkout option from the Configuration > Checkout menu. The Storefront will automatically create a new guest account for the anonymous shopper upon placing order bypassing the standard login and registration forms in a normal checkout process. In guest mode, the customer will not be able to login to their newly created account unless you explicitly provide the login and password to the customer.

Reuse guest account

It's important to understand the Storefront creates a new account with the customer's email address captured during checkout. By default, your site allows multiple accounts with the same email address. If, however, you have explicitly enabled the Requires unique email address under the persona bar Settings > Security page, the Storefront will not be able to create the guest account if the email has already been used before. In such cases, you must also enable the Reuse guest account under the Configuration > Checkout settings.

If a customer is checking out as a guest (i.e. the customer is not logged in) and you enabled Reuse guest account, the system will try to match the customer entered billing email with an existing account on your site having the same email address on file.

This feature is generally desirable for customers since it will group all his orders together and reduce duplicate accounts in your system. It does, however, present a potential risk for guest customers to accidentally or intentionally place orders on behalf of other customers simply by entering the same email address. For example, if your marketing entitles a known customer to a special discount, the guest customer may be able to piggyback the same discount by guessing the email address. If you have the Update user profile enabled under Configuration > Checkout settings, the guest customer can potentially override some of the other customer's profile information.

For security reasons, this feature is disabled by default. You will have to decide if the the benefit of this feature outweighs the security of the site before enabling it. Please note, the guest customer will still not be able to access any customer account information since he does not have his password. The guest customer cannot reset the account password either since all email communication will still be sent to the owner of the email account.


Peter Loraditch Feb 27, 2016 8:43 PM
What are the implications of this treatment in the event that the storefront module has been operating awhile and multiple accounts with the same email already exist?

More specifically, which account will be used once the feature is enabled? The most recently created?

Will non-anonymous accounts with the same email address cause a problem when a user checks out anonymously with the same email address?

Regarding one time use coupons: will these be restricted after one use when they are submitted with orders from an anonymous user using the same email with a prior anonymous order?
Stephen Lim Feb 29, 2016 5:22 PM
If you enabled the Reuse anonymous account, it will try to find the first account matching the email and assign the order to that account. It's unpredictable which account gets the order if you already have duplicate accounts with the same email address.  You could enable the Requires unique email feature and clean up all duplicate accounts in the system if you absolutely want it to be very clean.  Please contact us for a quote if you need our assistance to clean up duplicate accounts for you.

There shouldn't be any issue with non-anonymous accounts checking out with the same email address. However, if you enabled Requires unique email, the user may not be able to register a new account because that email address has already been used anonymously on your site. In this case, the user will be prompted that the email address is already registered and can simply request the forgotten password.

Single use coupons (configured with max usage per user) is limited per user account and not by their email. If you want it to be restricted per email, then enabling the Requires unique email feature would satisfy that requirement.

I want to point out the recent Storefront 7.5.1 has a fix for the Reuse anonymous account feature so make sure you're always running the latest version when testing out this feature.
Steve Jenkins Mar 03, 2016 4:09 PM
Is there any way to NOT register the customer? In our case, it's just not necessary and seems to slow down the checkout process sometimes.

Great product! Thanks for your help
Stephen Lim Mar 03, 2016 6:01 PM
Hi Steve,

Not really, but by enabling anonymous checkout, you're already bypassing a large part of the usual registration step. Internally, an account is required for technical and legal reasons.

Thanks for inquiring.

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