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Revindex Storefront 15 - SCA compliance, RMA Returns, Square & more!


The new SCA regulation in Europe intended to strengthen transaction security has affected a lot of internet businesses. In the latest Storefront 15, we made a strong attempt to comply with the new SCA regulation. All the while, we continuously improve the software and release new features like RMA returns, support for Square gateway, and much more that makes this the best Storefront ever! 

SCA Compliance

Europe and UK are being impacted by the new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulation that is coming into effect end of the year. SCA ensures customer sensitive payment information is securely handled and authorized. The latest Storefront 15 now complies with SCA rules for many of the supported payment gateways. Please verify if your payment gateway is listed as supported for SCA.

Square Payment and Purolator Shipping

In v15, we added support for the popular Square payment gateway. This is a much requested feature from customers and we're happy to deliver it. We also added support for Purolator shipping services, the leading parcel shipping provider in Canada.

Payment Terms

The latest Storefront now supports COD and NET 30 payment terms. These are rule based capable terms that can decide who is allowed to pay later. Adding support for payment terms is a great way for businesses with good established customers to drive more sales by offering them a deferred payment option.

RMA Returns

In the past, handling customer returns is done manually and is quite disorganized. The latest Storefront now allows customer to start a RMA request, track their return and helps merchants to process returns within the site in an organized way. A good return policy combined with friendly service will drive more repeat customers over time.


Much, Much, More...

There are so many more new enhancements and fixes that we cannot possibly cover here. Check out the list of features, fixes and security enhancements in our Release notes here.

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