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Revindex Storefront 14 - New Checkout, Speed Improvements and more


Technology is changing fast and we love to adapt new technologies in a responsible manner. We continue with our ambition since version 11 to redevelop the Storefront using modern Web technologies like Razor, Javascript framework and Bootstrap. This is a huge technology shift and a lot of planning has taken place. We are proud to announce the release of version 14.

New Faster Checkout

One of the most exciting changes in v14 is a brand new Checkout templates that are redesigned to be easier and faster for customers to checkout. Furthermore, by using Razor and Javascript framework, it makes it easier for designers to customize the new Checkout templates. The new checkout also supports new payment gateways like Barclay Card and Cardstream and Stripe v3. 

Improved Performance

In version 14, there has been significant performance improvements to the underlying cache system and other areas to handle very large number of products.

New DHL Express Shipping and TaxJar Providers

Revindex Storefront now supports DHL Express for merchants that needs to ship international. We also added support for new TaxJar provider.

Much, Much, More...

There are so many more new enhancements and fixes that we cannot possibly cover here. Check out the list of features, fixes and security enhancements in our Release notes here.

Test drive our Free Hosted Trial (no installation needed) or download our Free Trial software to run on your site. Check out the online demo (the user/pwd is on the Login page). Revindex Storefront is an EVOQ Preferred product, PCI compliant and Avalara certified for tax accuracy. Come visit and talk to us about your next project!