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Revindex Storefront 17 - Sell on Facebook, Instagram. More secure. Better usability.


We've been busy cooking up the latest Storefront 17 with lots of new features to help you sell more. We also made the store more secure, improve usability and added many useful integrations to 3rd party providers. This the best Storefront ever!

Sell on Facebook and Instagram

The consumer behavior has drastically and permanently changed with the advent of social media. It's no longer enough selling products on your own site. You need to increase your product visibility by expanding your sales channels to reach users on the social media. With the latest Storefront, you can now easily increase sales by automatically listing your products for sale on Facebook and Instagram. You'll be wildly suprised, often times, even the most mundane product can mysteriously become an overnight sensation when it gets picked up by social influencers.

More Secure

The latest Storefront removes the dependency on the obsolete Telerik DLL that has been in used for years. This highly awaited removal closes up any security holes from using an outdated library. It also lightens up the size of the installation package and reduces the memory consumption significantly leading to a better overall performance.

In addition, the latest Storefront spots many new fraud detection techniques to prevent malicious tampering of the transactions. We also added support for Google ReCAPTCHA to prevent denial of service attack on checkout page.

Better Usability

We are always looking for ways to make the software easier to use. In this release, we made some major design changes to improve usability throughout the software.

Under the administration screens, you can now bulk upload multiple images using standard file selection or drag-and-drop to your gallery at once. You can even rearrange the display order of the gallery items simply by dragging. The category screen has been redesigned so that you can now expand/collapse nested categories and rearrange categories simply by dragging. We also added a new screen to edit customer information quickly. 

The checkout page now spots a separate "Unit" field to enter the second line of street information consistent with automatic form fillers. We redesigned the pages to better handle multi-currency transactions performed in non-primary currency. For example, customers who bought a product in Euro will now see the order history amounts in Euro consistently throughout their experience on the site. The same is done for the Administration screens to ensure we deliver a consistent experience for the customer.

More Shipping Choices

With the new Storefront, you can handle more complex shipping situations. For example, you can configure special fallback shipping options in the event UPS is unable to ship your oversized package to a particular destination. This could be pick-up option or use another fallback shipping provider such as FedEx to handle the shipping. You can even create quotable shipping options so that customers are not blocked during checkout if none of the shipping options is available. This will turn the order into a quote that you can later figure out the exact shipping price and bill the customer.

The latest Storefront now supports integration with Pirate Ship to give you the absolute lowest shipping prices. You can save up to 89% on shipping charges. This is equivalent to you obtaining the lowest possible negotiated rates with UPS for shipping millions of dollars worth of products.

More Payment Choices

We already support over 50 payment gateways. Our extensive number of supported gateways allows our merchants to find the best value and lowest fees for their business. In this release, we added new payment gateway integration with Intuit Quickbooks, Pineapple Payments Transax, Cardlink, Flutterwave and iPay.

Export to QuickBooks and Xero

No business discussion is complete without talking about taxes and accounting. You can now export your sales transactions to QuickBooks and Xero directly from the Storefront without needing a 3rd party tool. This highly awaited feature will make your life easier for anyone doing bookkeeping of their business.

Tax Compliance after Brexit

For our European friends, the latest Storefront has updated tax rules that can deal with changes to the tax laws have changed after the recent UK Brexit. You can read more about it in our Simplified VAT Tax Guide After Brexit.

Performance Improvements

At Revindex, performance is a feature and we eat our own dog food. The latest Storefront implemented many performance improvements to deliver the fastest response time for customers. In fact, our own site and demo pages consistently receive top passing grades from Google PageSpeed Insights.

Cloud Hosting

To make it truly simple to get started, Revindex now offers hosting for your e-commerce site on our PCI compliant data center. This is a fully managed hosting. We take care of your DNN and Storefront upgrades, security and maintenance so you can focus on selling. Click here to find out more.

Much, Much, More...

There are so many more new enhancements and fixes that we cannot possibly cover here. Check out the list of features, fixes and security enhancements in our Release notes here.

Test drive our Free Hosted Trial (no installation needed) or download our Free Trial software to run on your site. Check out the online demo (the user/pwd is on the Login page). Revindex Storefront is an EVOQ Preferred product, PCI compliant and Avalara certified for tax accuracy. Come visit and talk to us about your next project!