What is your support policy?

Last updated on 2022-11-02 1 mins. to read

Revindex software product comes with free community level support. Community level support includes access to our in-depth knowledge base, active community forum, blogs and free tools.

For new software and upgrades purchased within 1 year, you may also open low priority support tickets for basic questions and answers. Low priority tickets are provided as a courtesy only without any expectation or service level warranty. We will do our best to answer your questions in a timely manner, but we reserve the right to defer, refuse or close any support ticket at our discretion without prior warning or explanation.

Dedicated support including entering into your system to perform work, consultation by email/phone/chat and medium/high priority support tickets are available by purchasing priority support credits in advance.

Please see the About Us page for hours of operation. Technicians also monitor support tickets during weekends for customer emergencies who have priority support credits.

Generally, our support team is happy to assist you with any problem related to our software. Certain issues may require the customer to upgrade their software or platform especially if the customer is running an older release usually 2 versions behind the latest release since these issues may have been resolved in newer releases or is considered more stable.

Revindex can provide assistance with performing customization to your software, debugging/troubleshooting any code that has been customized, or providing guidance on how to make modifications for a fee.