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0 Replies and 101 Views Revindex Block - Create Responsive Content Easily  101  0 Started by  Steve L Revindex Block makes creating responsive content easy Quickly create responsive content from hundreds of pre-made blocks using a visual editor.  Free Trial User Manual Release Notes Hosted solution Build Responsive Web Sites Faster It&39;s easy to create beautiful mobile responsive content. Drag-and-drop from hundreds of pre-made blocks. Blocks can be combined together to build even more complex blocks. Use any imaginable layout to organize...
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30 Jun 2022 01:07 PM
0 Replies and 574 Views Revindex Storefront 17 - Sell on Facebook, Instagram. More secure. Better usability.  574  0 Started by  Revindex Solution   We&39;ve been busy cooking up the latest Storefront 17 with lots of new features to help you sell more. We also made the store more secure, improve usability and added many useful integrations to 3rd party providers. This the best Storefront ever! Sell on Facebook and Instagram The consumer behavior has drastically and permanently changed with the advent of social media. It&39;s no longer enough selling products on your own site. You need to increase your product...
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16 Sep 2021 02:19 AM
0 Replies and 8545 Views Revindex Impersonator 5 - New interface  8545  0 Started by  Steve L We just released the latest Revindex Impersonator 5 with these nice features: - Removed Telerik DLL dependency. - Redesign interface for better usability. - Support Bootstrap 3 and 4. - Adjust restore button to avoid hiding persona bar. Check it out!
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04 Nov 2020 10:47 PM
0 Replies and 9665 Views Revindex Storefront 16 - Easiest to use version ever!  9665  0 Started by  Revindex Solution The latest Storefront 16 is all about improving usability for the merchant. We worked hard to bring harmony to the Administration module with the rest of the site. Along with many great new features, this makes v16 the best Storefront ever! Full Screen Experience The latest Revindex Storefront comes with its own standard theme optimized for the Administration module that blends seamlessly with the CMS. You can now experience full screen administration so you can do more, do it better and do...
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13 Oct 2020 08:28 PM
0 Replies and 8940 Views Revindex Storefront 15 - SCA compliance, RMA Returns, Square & more!  8940  0 Started by  Steve L The new SCA regulation in Europe intended to strengthen transaction security has affected a lot of internet businesses. In the latest Storefront 15, we made a strong attempt to comply with the new SCA regulation. All the while, we continuously improve the software and release new features like RMA returns, support for Square gateway, and much more that makes this the best Storefront ever! SCA Compliance Europe and UK are being impacted by the new Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulatio...
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28 Jan 2020 03:42 PM
0 Replies and 8635 Views Revindex Storefront 14 - Checkout, Speed Improvements, and more.  8635  0 Started by  Steve L Technology is changing fast and we love to adapt new technologies in a responsible manner. We continue with our ambition since version 11 to redevelop the Storefront using modern Web technologies like Razor, Javascript framework and Bootstrap. This is a huge technology shift and a lot of planning has taken place. We are proud to announce the release of version 14. New Faster Checkout One of the most exciting changes in v14 is a brand new Checkout templates that are redesigned to be easier and ...
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14 May 2019 04:49 PM
0 Replies and 9363 Views Understanding GDPR support in Storefront  9363  0 Started by  Steve L The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. Please refer to the GDPR site for more details to ensure you properly comply to all the requirements. To ensure you comply with GDPR, please ensure your site is always running the latest version of the software. Cookie Requirement In general, the Storefront relies on a small number of cookies to enable proper checkout functionality as well as to improve th...
0 9363
05 Jul 2018 06:31 PM
0 Replies and 10051 Views Revindex Storefront 13 - HTML5, CSS3, JS, Bootstrap  10051  0 Started by  Steve L We've been quiet but busy! The last couple of releases starting from version 11 to 13 is part of our long term plan to redevelop the Storefront using modern Web technologies like Razor, Javascript framework and Bootstrap. This is a huge technology shift and a lot of planning has taken place. We knew this was going to be a long term development and will likely continue for the next few more releases. By now, we feel the new technology is stable and really awesome, so we decided it's time to discu...
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25 May 2018 04:54 PM
0 Replies and 10028 Views Storefront 10 - Ship intelligently, improved usability, faster performance and more  10028  0 Started by  Steve L Ship Intelligently Anywhere Here at Revindex, we're working hard to get you ready for the big year-end push, which is why our new Storefront 10 release is focused on packing and shipping. Studies show that high shipping charges is probably the single most important reason that leads to cart abandonment. In reality, shipping is one of those great equalizers in business. Every merchant must pay about the same negotiated rates for similar volume of business. To get ahead, your business must ship...
0 10028
03 Oct 2016 09:02 PM
0 Replies and 10315 Views Storefront 9.0 - Price Quotes, Bookings, Order Update Notification, Xero and more  10315  0 Started by  Steve L Price Quotes We know how much you love Revindex Storefront with all the enterprise features you get for a small price. You can now take your business to the next level by offering price quotes. For large volume order or services, it helps to offer a price quote so that customers can 'deal' with you for the best price. The Storefront makes it easy by capturing all the needed information to build your price quote and track the sales life cycle all the way from invoicing to completion. Customers c...
0 10315
08 Jun 2016 04:07 PM
0 Replies and 10170 Views Revindex Storefront 7.6 with SSL/TLS security compatibility for older DNN 7  10170  0 Started by  Steve L Several weeks ago, we blogged about the important upcoming SSL and TLS security updates required to ensure your shopping cart can transact with 3rd party payment and shipping providers (e.g., PayPal, UPS, FedEx, etc.). Even though our latest Storefront 8.0 is already compatible and ready for the industry wide changes, some customers are not ready to upgrade their Web site to DNN 8.0 that was a core requirement for the latest Storefront. From listening to customer feedback, we decid...
0 10170
14 May 2016 02:55 PM
0 Replies and 10105 Views Revindex Storefront 8.0 - Faster, Easier, New Recurring Features, Important Security Updates  10105  0 Started by  Steve L If time is important to you, you'll surely appreciate the speed improvements that comes with the latest Revindex Storefront 8.0. Once you upgraded, you'll see a noticeable speed improvement in almost everything you do. This latest Storefront is now compatible with DNN Platform 8 and EVOQ Content 8.3. IMPORTANT SSL SECURITY ADVISORY If you ever held back from upgrading, this is the one release you should really plan to upgrade. If you haven't heard, the SSL 3 protocol used to secure HTTPS con...
0 10105
21 Mar 2016 05:24 PM
0 Replies and 9386 Views Revindex Storefront 7.5 - Bundled Products, Social Share, License Key Distribution, Google Universal  9386  0 Started by  Steve L We all know how important social media is to businesses and that is why our latest Revindex Storefront 7.5 now includes support for social sharing. Imagine a customer who stumbled on a super deal at your site can easily share that deal with his friends and circles through Facebook, Google, Linked-In, Pinterest, or Twitter. These friends will tell others and soon enough, you'll be selling more without spending any advertisement money! At Revindex, we're always thinking of ways to help you sel...
0 9386
16 Feb 2016 04:54 AM
0 Replies and 6341 Views Revindex Storefront 7.4 - Sell on eBay, Stripe, Advanced URL, Setup Wizard and more  6341  0 Started by  Steve L Summer may be over, but there's still lots of hot stuff coming to the Storefront. Our latest 7.4 release is a testament of our commitment to keep building better software that helps merchants sell more. One of the many ways we've achieved that goal is making it extremely easy for merchants to list products for sale or auction on eBay with just a few clicks. Imagine, your entire customer base just exploded reaching millions of users who are able to buy your products directly on eBay! We also a...
0 6341
05 Oct 2015 05:02 PM
0 Replies and 6018 Views Revindex Storefront 7.2 - Faster, easier to use. New import export and more!  6018  0 Started by  Steve L Spring forward! Revindex Storefront 7.2 is the easiest to use and fastest to run release ever. We put a lot of effort to simplify the merchant admin interface especially for mobile and touch screens. It now runs up to two times faster and have a lot less scrolling and confusion than before. We added a lot of cross-linking between products and sales orders making navigation between related data much easier. There's a brand new bulk import and export screen allowing you to easily bulk insert, upd...
0 6018
18 Apr 2015 03:52 PM
0 Replies and 8638 Views Revindex Storefront 7.0 - Marketplace, warehouse, automatic currency updates and more  8638  0 Started by  Steve L Revindex Storefront 7.0 helps your business grow without spending more money or needing to hold inventory. Turn your store into an online marketplace and earn generous commission simply by listing products on your site sold by 3rd party vendors. You decide how much commission to keep. Take 25 or more commission on the sales amount is not uncommon in the industry. Imagine selling a product for $20 and earn a whopping $5. Wow, how many products you sell today have that kind of markup You didn't ...
0 8638
13 Dec 2014 04:44 PM
0 Replies and 7934 Views Revindex is Avalara Certified. Free activation before end of the year!  7934  0 Started by  Steve L The year end is coming and that also means you need to get all our paperwork ready for 2015 taxes! Revindex Storefront is Avalara Tax certified. With Avalara, starting from as low as $9 a month, you can rest assured knowing your business will be tax compliant and ready. Your Storefront will calculate taxes accurately to the last zip code digit for every product type you can imagine. You'll be delighted to know the Storefront can also perform address validation to verify the correctness of the cu...
0 7934
06 Dec 2014 03:58 PM
0 Replies and 5605 Views New Revindex Storefront 6.4  5605  0 Started by  Steve L Check out the latest Storefront 6.4! In this release, we expanded support for SEO by automatically including products into your portal sitemap. Your store products are easily indexable by Google and other search engines. Check out the full release notes here. Download a free trial today! Automatically include products into portal SEO sitemap. Support Virtual Card Services (VCS Pay) payment gateway. Require latest Checkout display template. Checkout availability rule can display...
0 5605
30 Jun 2014 04:13 PM
0 Replies and 5841 Views Faster checkout, fraud protection, affiliate tracking with Revindex Storefront 6.3  5841  0 Started by  Steve L Since we last released Revindex Storefront 6.0, we've gone through 3 minor releases 6.1, 6.2 and 6.3 quietly but the features are nothing short of major. In fact, we've been so busy pushing out these wonderful features, it's now the time to talk about them in details. Single Page or Multiple Step Checkout Starting with 6.1, we added the ability to configure your checkout to display in single page or multiple step mode. You can now streamline your checkout process to a single button click. Imag...
0 5841
17 May 2014 02:38 PM
0 Replies and 3309 Views Revindex Wiki 2.0 - Mobile, Lucene search, Better navigation  3309  0 Started by  Steve L Check out the latest Revindex Wiki 2.0 with mobile support (IPhone, IPad, Desktop, etc). Your readers will appreciate being able to do some lazy reading at night on their favorite tablet or phone. That's not all. We also improved the navigation for continuous reading using previous and next topic links. This feature allows the reader to easily navigate to the next topic in the document order. Search is completely revamped to integrate tightly with DNN Lucene search delivering exceptional search ...
0 3309
04 Feb 2014 05:30 PM
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