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Last updated on 2016-03-18 1 mins. to read

The Revindex Wiki comes with a powerful WYSIWYG editor so that your users don't have to learn any special wiki syntax to start contributing. If needed, the users can access the source view to make meticulous edits in raw HTML.

By default, the editor is fully featured for administrators of the site. You can perform all the basic text formatting (color, font, size, styles, indent, etc.), insert tokens, links, attach images, videos and even files (see How to attach files). You can even create templates and make it available to be applied to your editor (see How to use templates). For regular users, however, the editor is reduced to show only the basic editing tools.

You can customize how much editing ability to give your users by clicking on the Custom Editor Options link. This will open up the configuration panel allowing to set the size of the editor, the toolbars that are available to your users as well as many other useful configuration that controls how editor should behave.


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