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Last updated on 2016-03-18 1 mins. to read

Comments are a great way for readers to quickly contribute thoughts without being actual editors on your site. To allow readers to post comments, you must first enable comments from the module's Settings page. You should also decide if comments are moderated (require approval before being published). Moderators on your site will receive notification whenever a comment is posted. Please see Module permissions on how to configure moderators.

Once enabled, readers will be presented with the option to add comments. Comments may be posted by registered users or by anonymous users if you allow it. Furthermore, comments are threaded to make it easier for readers to follow related conversations in between comments.

If moderation is enabled, moderators will receive an email when a comment is posted and you will need to explicitly approve the comment before it can be published.

While enabling comments throughout your Wiki is a great way to inspire contribution, you can also restrict comments by topic for sensitive topics. You can choose which topics are closed for comments or locked from adding more comments. Please see Edit topic for more information.


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