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Last updated on 2014-10-21 1 mins. to read

ShipWorks is a 3rd party software that helps you automate shipping. It will help you print shipping labels, packing slips and track packages easily. In order to allow ShipWorks to interface with your Storefront, you must first create the credentials. Select "Generic module" when prompted for the platform. The following fields are required:

  1. Username - enter any characters to create your username.
  2. Password - enter any characters for your password.
  3. URL - Enter the URL to your store's fulfillment handler page. E.g. where 0 is your portal ID number. If you are a marketplace seller, you must also append the &rvdsfsellerid=1 parameter where 1 is your seller ID. 

You need to enter the same credentials and URL in your ShipWorks software to allow ShipWorks to communicate with the Storefront.


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