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A Warehouse object is to manage warehouses in your system.


This service is used to query the Warehouse object.

Request Parameters

Node Required Data Type Description
warehouseID Yes Integer The object identifier.


Return Data

Node Data Type Description
warehouse XML  
  city String  
  countryCode String  
  countryName String  
  createDate DateTime  
  description XML Locale  
  district String  
  email String  
  name XML Locale  
  phone String  
  portalID Integer  
  postalCode String  
  sellerID Integer The seller object identifier.
  street String  
  subdivisionCode String  
  subdivisionName String  
  unit String  
  updateDate DateTime  
  warehouseID Integer The object identifier.
  warehouseKey String A unique key that can be used to uniquely identify this object. This could be a short meaningful text or simply a GUID.



This service is used to query all the Warehouse objects.

Request Parameters


Return Data

Node Data Type Description
warehouses XML Container node
  warehouse XML Zero or more Warehouse nodes with same data structure as GetActiveWarehouse service return data.



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