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A VoucherDefinition is a definition template used to create Voucher objects.


This service is used to query the VoucherDefinition object.

Request Parameters

Node Required Data Type Description
voucherDefinitionID Yes Integer The object identifier.


Return Data

Node Data Type Description
voucherDefinition XML  
  active Boolean Indicates if definition is valid and vouchers can be redeemed.
  amount Decimal The default amount to create in the voucher.
  createdDate DateTime  
  description XML Locale  
  expiryInterval Interval A non-zero value indicates the voucher will expire after the amount of period from the issue date.
  expiryIntervalType Integer Day = 1, Week = 2, Month = 3, Year = 4
  name XML Locale  
  paymentLimitType Integer The maximum amount that can be redeemed in a single order. Total amount = 1, Sub total amount = 2
  portalID Integer  
  startDate DateTime If non-empty, indicates the start date when voucher is redeemable.
  stopDate DateTime If non-empty, indicates the stop date when voucher is no longer redeemable.
  transferable Boolean Indicates if the voucher can be used by any user or only by the current assigned user.
  updateDate DateTime  
  voucherDefinitionID Integer The object identifier of the voucher definition.



This service is used to query all the VoucherDefinition objects.

Request Parameters


Return Data

Node Data Type Description
voucherDefinitions XML Container node
  voucherDefinition XML Zero or more Voucher nodes with same data structure as GetVoucherDefinition service return data.



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