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The following service is useful to query information about the portal.


This service is used to query the Portal object.

Request Parameters



Return Data

Node Data Type Description
portalInfo XML  
  administratorID Integer  
  administratorRoleID Integer  
  administratorRoleName String  
  adminTabID Integer  
  backgroundFile String  
  bannerAdvertising Integer  
  createdByUserID Integer   
  createdOnDate DateTime  
  cultureCode String  
  currency String  
  defaultLanguage String  
  description String  
  email String  
  expiryDate DateTime  
  footerText String  
  guid GUID  
  homeDirectory String  
  homeTabID Integer   
  hostFee Double  
  hostSpace Integer  
  keyID Integer  
  keyWords String  
  lastModifiedByUserID Integer  
  lastModifiedOnDate DateTime  
  loginTabID Integer  
  logoFile String  
  pageQuota Integer  
  pages Integer  
  portalGroupID Integer  
  portalID Integer  
  portalName String  
  registeredRoleID Integer  
  registeredRoleName String  
  registerTabID Integer  
  searchTabID Integer  
  splashTabID Integer  
  superTabID Integer  
  userQuota Integer  
  userRegistration Integer  
  users Integer   
  userTabID Integer  
  version String  



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