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Last updated on 2024-02-08 2 mins. to read

The Product Search module control is optionally used beside the product list module control to search for products only. The search works against product name, description and attribute definitions assigned to a product or variant. The product attribute definition must be marked as "Filterable" in order to be searchable. The search uses keyword indexing for faster performance and reduces the database load on your server.


It uses the powerful Lucene search that allows wildcard, fuzzy and boolean matches.

Type Example Notes
Fuzzy ~ Contain terms that are close to the word kettle, such as cattle
Wild cat* Contain terms that begin with cat, such as category and the exact term cat itself
Exact-Single orange Contain the termorange
Exact-Phrase "wiki is awesome" Contain the exact phase wiki is awesome
OR orange bike Contain the term orange or bike, or both. OR, if used, must be in uppercase
  orange OR bike  
AND orange AND bike Contain both orange and bikeAND must be in uppercase
Combo (agile OR extreme) AND methodology Contain methodology and must also contain agile and/or extreme



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