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PayPal Payment Gateway

Last updated on 2015-11-19 2 mins. to read

PayPal Payment Gateway (formerly Payflow Pro and can be used with PayPal Payments Pro) is a direct payment gateway that allows you to accept credit card transactions within your site by interfacing with other major merchant providers. 

This gateway supports the following features:

  • Authorize
  • Capture
  • Purchase
  • Refund
  • Void
  • Recurring payment

The following fields are required:

  1. User – If you set up one or more additional users on the account, this value is the ID
    of the user authorized to process transactions. If, however, you have not set up additional
    users on the account, User has the same value as Vendor.
  2. Vendor - Your merchant login ID that you created when you registered for the account.
  3. Partner - The ID provided to you by the authorized PayPal Reseller who registered you
    for the Payflow SDK. If you purchased your account directly from PayPal, use "PayPal".
  4. Password – The password that you defined while registering for the account.

To obtain a Payflow Pro account, you must already have a merchant account with one of their compatible merchant providers or using PayPal Payments Pro. If you don't have a merchant account, you can obtain both the merchant account and Payflow Pro by contacing Revindex. You can also sign up for Payflow Pro directly from


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