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Packages are your shipping containers (box, bag, envelope, tube, etc.) used to pack your products for shipping. For example, you may want to use a small size box to ship small items and have a large box for oversize items. You may also have boxes that are cushion padded for fragile items like glassware or wine bottles. The different size boxes are important and will help reduce your shipping cost by packing efficiently.

The package dimension, weight and max capacity information you provide will help the packing method to intelligently decide the optimal way to pack your products as well as provide more accurate aggregate information to your shipping providers (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.) to help reduce unforeseen charges when you actually ship out your products. Please see Packing for more information.

You must first enable the Packing feature under Configuration > General. Once enabled, you can create packages under Configuration > Packages menu.

When creating packages, it's important to make sure your largest package is able to fit your largest product. Otherwise, the system will not be able to determine a suitable package to hold the product and no shipping option will be available to the customer.

If you're using real-time shipping providers and your packing rule is set to place many products in one package, it's important to put a realistic limit to your packages. The limit ensures the packing rule will not attempt to fit too many products in one package and allows the system to gracefully overflow to multiple packages. For example, FedEx and UPS have a max weight of 150 lbs per package. USPS has a max weight of 70 lbs per package. By setting the Max weight capacity or Max quantity capacity for your package, you ensure the system will not over pack items and exceed shipping limitations. For example, if your packing rule is using the Volume fit rule and you have configured a Max weight capacity of 10 lbs. If a customer buys 100 units at 1 lbs each, the system will automatically use 10 boxes and pack 10 units per box. 


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