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Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Service

Last updated on 2022-09-23 2 mins. to read

Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Service (QBMS) is a direct payment gateway that allows you to accept credit card transactions within your site. 

This gateway supports the following features:

  • Authorize
  • Capture
  • Purchase
  • Refund
  • Void
  • Recurring payment

Follow the steps below to obtain the information needed by the payment gateway.

  1. You first need to register with (previously and login to the site.
  2. Create a new app and choose either "Select API" or "QBMS Payments App".
  3. Under "Legacy QBMS Payments App" and click on the Create a QBMS payments app. Set the following information:
    • Application type - Choose Desktop
    • Environment - Choose Production
    • Application Name - Give the name of your application
    • Application Identifier - Give a unique name without spaces
    • Domain name - Enter any domain name (e.g.
  4. If you receive a verification email, make sure to click on the verification link that you received in your email and enter the verification code to confirm your new application. You may skip this step if you don't receive an email.
  5. Once verified, take note of your AppID and AppLogin information.
  6. Go to the following URL to obtain your connection ticket where <AppID> should be replaced with your application ID that you created. Choose the production URL if you created a production environment.


    Test mode:<AppID>&sessionEnabled=false
  7. Login to the page with your merchant email and password.
  8. Click on the Create connection button if you're not already presented with the connection ticket screen.
  9. Copy the connection ticket info.

Once you have verified your application, you will be able to collect the following information that will be required to configure your payment gateway in the Storefront:

  1. App ID
  2. App Login
  3. Connection Ticket

Please ensure you have disabled the Login Security option on your Intuit account as described here if you encounter any session authentication error.



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