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Sales Order Detail

Last updated on 2020-06-02 4 mins. to read

To export sales order details, go to Sales > Orders from the Storefront module menu. Click on the Export link. Then select "Sales order detail".

Column Type Data required Description Example
Act String No No import action supported at the moment.  
AdminNotes String No Notes visible to the store administrator only.  
BasePrice Decimal Yes    
BookingStartDate DateTime No The starting date for a booked order in UTC time zone. 2016-01-01 00:00:00
BookingStopDate DateTime No The stopping date for a booked order in UTC time zone. 2016-01-06 00:00:00
CreateDate DateTime No    
Depth Decimal Yes    
DiscountAmount Decimal Yes    
DynamicFormResult XML No    
HandlingPrice Decimal Yes    
Height Decimal Yes    
PackageType Integer Yes Package type for shipping calculation (Unspecified = 1, Envelope = 1000, Box = 2000, Bag = 3000, Tube = 4000).  
ParentSalesOrderDetailID Integer No Indicates if this SalesOrderDetail item is a product part and child of a parent SalesOrderDetail object usually in a bundled product scenario.  
Price Decimal Yes    
PriceLocked Integer Yes Indicates if the prices are locked from changes.  
ProductCost Decimal No    
ProductName String Yes Localized product name.  
ProductPartID Integer No References the ProductPart object usually from a bundled product purchase.  
ProductVariantExtension XML No    
ProductVariantID Integer Yes ProductVariant object identifier.  
ProductVariantName String No Localized product variant name.  
Quantity Integer Yes    
RecurringInterval Integer Yes The recurring interval.  
RecurringIntervalType Integer Yes The interval type (Day = 1, Week = 2, Month = 3, Year = 4).  
RecurringSalesOrderID Integer No The associated RecurringSalesOrder object identifier if this SalesOrderDetail object was created from a recurring order.  
RequireShipping Boolean Yes Indicate if product requires shipping.  
SalesOrderDetailID Integer Yes The object identifier.  
SalesOrderID Integer Yes The associated SalesOrder object identifier.  
ShippingPrice Decimal Yes    
ShippingStatus Integer Yes Shipping status (Not Required = 1, Not Shipped = 2, Shipped = 3, Undeliverable = 4).  
SKU String No    
Status Integer Yes Order detail status (Pending = 1, Ordered = 2, Processing = 3, Completed = 4, Quoted = 9)  
TaxAmount1 Decimal Yes    
TaxAmount2 Decimal Yes    
TaxAmount3 Decimal Yes    
TaxAmount4 Decimal Yes    
TaxAmount5 Decimal Yes    
UpdateDate DateTime No    
Weight Decimal Yes    
Width Decimal Yes    


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