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To export sales orders, go to Sales > Orders from the Storefront module menu. Click on the Export link.

Column Type Data required Description Example
Act String No No import action supported at the moment.  
AdminNotes String No Notes intended for store administrators.  
AffiliateID Integer No The Affiliate ID tracked to the order if it originated from a referral.  
BillingCity String Yes    
BillingCompany String No    
BillingCountryCode String Yes    
BillingDistrict String No    
BillingEmail String Yes    
BillingFirstName String Yes    
BillingLastName String Yes    
BillingPhone String No    
BillingPostalCode String Yes    
BillingStreet String Yes    
BillingSubdivisionCode String Yes    
BillingUnit String No    
BusinessTaxNumber String No Business tax number (e.g. VAT number).  
CouponCodes String No Pipe delimited coupon codes.  
CreateDate DateTime No    
CultureCode String Yes The display culture.  
CurrencyCultureCode String Yes The currency culture.  
CustomerNotes String No Notes intended for customer.  
DynamicFormResult XML No The result collected from DynamicForm.  
ExchangeRate Decimal Yes The exchange rate relative to the primary currency.  
FraudScore Integer No The registered fraud score from 0 to 100 if available.  
FraudRiskGateway String No The risk gateway provider.  
HandlingAmount Decimal Yes Handling amount.  
HandlingDiscountAmount Decimal Yes Handling discount.  
HandlingMethodID Integer No The HandlingMethod object identifier.  
HandlingTaxAmount1 Decimal Yes    
HandlingTaxAmount2 Decimal Yes    
HandlingTaxAmount3 Decimal Yes    
HandlingTaxAmount4 Decimal Yes    
HandlingTaxAmount5 Decimal Yes    
OrderDate DateTime Yes The order date.  
OrderLocked Boolean Yes Lock the order to prevent customer from changing the order details when resuming an incomplete order.  
Origin Integer Yes Where the order originated (Web Checkout = 1, System Recurring = 2).  
PackingMethodID Integer No PackingMethod object identifier.  
ParentSalesOrderID Integer No The parent sales order if this order belonged in a sales order set.  
PaymentTerm Integer No See PaymentTermType  
PreferredUserPaymentID Integer No    
PurchaseOrderNumber String No Purchase order number.  
RewardsPointsQualified Integer Yes The number of rewards points earned from the purchase of this order.  
RewardsPointsRewarded Integer Yes The estimated number of points actually rewarded to the customer for this order so far.  
SalesOrderGUID GUID Yes SalesOrder globally unique identifier.  
SalesOrderID Integer Yes The object identifier.  
SalesOrderNumber String Yes The order number shown to customer and printed on receipts. This value does not necessarily correspond to the SalesOrderID identifier.  
SalesPaymentStatus Integer Yes Sales payment status (Pending = 1, Paid = 2, Cancelled = 3, Refunded = 4).  
SellerID Integer No The seller associated with this sales order.  
ShippedDate DateTime  No The date the order is shipped, if available.  
ShippingAmount Decimal Yes    
ShippingCity String Yes    
ShippingCompany String No    
ShippingCountryCode String Yes    
ShippingDestinationPoint String No The pickup point code if this is a pickup service.  
ShippingDiscountAmount Decimal Yes    
ShippingDistrict String No    
ShippingEmail String Yes    
ShippingExtension XML No Extra information related to shipping.  
ShippingFirstName String Yes    
ShippingLabelFile String No The shipping label file name or absolute URL if label is stored externally.  
ShippingLabelType String No Shipping label mime type. e.g. application/pdf  
ShippingLastName String Yes    
ShippingMethodID Integer No ShippingMethod object identifier.  
ShippingPackages XML No The packing result.  
ShippingPhone String No    
ShippingPostalCode String Yes    
ShippingQuoted Boolean Yes Indicates if the shipping amount requires quoting.  
ShippingStatus Integer Yes Shipping status (Not Required = 1, Not Shipped = 2, Shipped = 3, Undeliverable = 4).  
ShippingStreet String Yes    
ShippingSubdivisionCode String Yes    
ShippingTaxAmount1 Decimal Yes    
ShippingTaxAmount2 Decimal Yes    
ShippingTaxAmount3 Decimal Yes    
ShippingTaxAmount4 Decimal Yes    
ShippingTaxAmount5 Decimal Yes    
ShippingTrackingCode String No Shipping tracking code.  
ShippingUnit String No    
ShippingUniversalServiceName String No The globally unique name generated by the system that corresponds to the shipping gateway's service name used internally to match a real-time shipping method.  
Status Integer Yes Sales order status (Pending = 1, Ordered = 2, Processing = 3, Completed = 4, Cancelled = 5, Declined = 6, Incomplete = 7)  
SubTotalAmount Decimal Yes Sub-total.  
TaxAmount1 Decimal Yes    
TaxAmount2 Decimal Yes    
TaxAmount3 Decimal Yes    
TaxAmount4 Decimal Yes    
TaxAmount5 Decimal Yes    
TaxDiscountAmount Decimal Yes    
TotalAmount Decimal Yes    
UpdateDate DateTime No    
UserAgent String No    
UserHostAddress String No User IP address.  
UserID Integer No UserID object identifier.  
WarehouseID Integer No The warehouse associated to this sales order.  


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