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Delete products

Last updated on 2023-01-20 1 mins. to read

Follow the steps to export out the product file to see what the data looks like. SeeExport products for more information.

  1. You will need to build your product CSV file according to the product file format specification. The best way is to open a previously exported CSV file using Excel (you may also use Notepad or any text editor). 
  2. The first row is the header row and needs to match the column names according to the entity file format.
  3. Start entering data into the next row. Pay attention to the required columns. Even if a column is indicated as not data required, the column must still be present but the value may be blank.
  4. Make sure the Act column value is set to "d" for delete.
  5. The database object identifier ProductID is required since this value will be used to retrieve the product to delete. For delete operations, other column fields are usually not required.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for additional products you want to delete.
  7. Save the file. Click Yes if Excel prompts you to save the file with features that are not compatible with CSV and keeping this format.

  8. Go to the Catalog > Products page. Click Import.
  9. Choose the options.
  10. Click Import.
  11. Make sure there are no errors. If any error occurred, the system will rollback any changes by default. Correct any error and re-import again.



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