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How to troubleshoot email not receiving

Last updated on 2020-05-05 2 mins. to read

Most email related problems have to do with improper configuration. Please ensure you have followed the steps below:

  1. Most email problems are due to invalid permission with your SMTP provider. Permission issues can range from incorrect credentials, quota reached or your SMTP server does not allow sending email from/to a certain address. In particular, many SMTP providers will disallow sending email from a different domain than its own (e.g. you may not be allowed to use the Hotmail SMTP server to send email pretending to be from domain).

    As host user, verify you have a valid SMTP server settings under the persona bar's Settings > Servers page. Look for the SMTP Server tab. Click Test SMTP Settings by sending yourself an email and check for errors. You may need to verify the persona bar's Manage > Admin Logs to see if any error was recorded there. Always make sure to check your spam box in case the email falls into the trap.

    By default, the site will send an email using the primary administrator's address of the site to the current logged in user. The primary administrator is the user configured under Settings > Security. If you still don't receive an email, try changing the email address of the primary administrator so that it sends a test email from a different address (try with an address that matches your SMTP domain. For example, try if you're using the Gmail SMTP server). Similarly, try changing your current logged in user's email address to send yourself a test email.
  2. Verify you have configured a valid email recipient and sender addresses under the Storefront's Configuration > General menu.
  3. Make sure you enabled the appropriate order alert, receipt or invoice under Configuration > Communication menu.
  4. If you customized your email templates, make sure the tags are matching and properly closed. Try resetting to the default template and resend the email. If you're using a Custom rule for your template, make sure your email templates are valid by performing a Run test on the template first. It should return a success message. Anytime you suspect a typo error, restore using the default email template to ensure it's not a template issue that is uncaught by the screen test.
  5. Verify your site's Manage > Admin Logs page for any email errors. You can always make a test purchase under your own account and test sending emails to yourself. If you need to resend a receipt or invoice, you can also force the system to send email from the Sales > Orders menu in the action button.


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